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2.75 per minute with a 10 minute minimum / Must Be 18+


Suck Cock For Me

I’ve been a Mistress for several years now and my favorite thing to do is watch my slaves suck cock. I don’t have to be mean about it, either, most of the time. I have found that most men want to try it at least once, if not more than once. So I make it my duty to convince my slaves to try it whether they originally think they want to or not.

My Closet Sissy Loved It

I remember one of the first slaves I had. He was a closet sissy and desperately needed to be able to embrace who he was. He was new at being a sub and needing lots of attention and training. He taught me that patience was the best way to redirect most slaves and as a result I rarely take the whip to one. I liked having a slave and enjoyed making him wear the typical slave attire when we went to my friends’ parties. At first he whined a lot and told me that he didn’t like being dressed like a sissy in front of my friends. I told him that there was no way I was going to let him change or leave the party. No I made him prance through the room carrying a tray of drinks in his hands. Mind you, I did not tell him to prance; no, he did that all on his own. So I knew that he secretly enjoyed the experience.

Because I knew that he enjoyed being dressed up as a maid in front of my friends even though he said he hated it, I decided to try something else. Without his knowledge I make some calls and arrange a special night for my slave. This is a night he won’t soon forget. I make sure that we have time to do his hair and makeup. I know his sizes and measurements by heart so I order him a spectacular outfit for the evening. It was a silver lame’ mini dress with silver heels. Add to that a pair of nude tights and a beautiful wig and you have a gorgeous outfit that looked great on him. He couldn’t believe his eyes when he looked in my full length mirror. I’ll never forget the smile on his face. He was ready for the party and what I had planned for him. I had a special guest invited just for him that night. Yes, I made him get on his knees and suck that guy’s cock. He looked terrified at first and didn’t want to even look at the nine inch penis that was right in his face, but I demanded that he take it in his mouth and SUCK. But once he started, he really enjoyed doing it and the guy really liked him doing it.

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Straight Guys Should Try It Too

A month or so later I had another hot cock sucking experience, when I coerced a man who told me he wasn’t going to do it, into giving it a try - for me. *wink* This was another one of my slaves. He was straight and had no idea how hot it would be to suck another guy’s cock. Unlike the sissy before him who knew they wanted to but didn’t want to admit it to me, or anyone else for that matter, this slave had no idea that this would be demanded of him. This time I told him to come over for some slave training. When he arrived at my door I pulled him into my living room and on to his knees. That’s where my slaves do their best learning. I told him that I was having a conversation with my friend, who was big, gorgeous and half naked on my sofa, and he was to silently do as he was told. I then made him my foot stool for an hour or so. He obeyed without complaint. My friend and I went on talking and finally we turned to the subject of sex. He then casually said that he would love to have his cock sucked by my slave. I felt my foot stool move under my legs. I ordered him to be still. After a few more minutes of negotiation, I removed my feet and told the slave to go over to my guest and suck his cock. He looked at me and I saw that he was white as a sheet. I thought for a moment he would flat out refuse my demand. It was in his eyes. Then he resigned himself to his fate and went and did what he was told.

Afterwards, both men told me how much they enjoyed each other. It was hot to watch. I wanted to join in the fun, but stopped myself because I am a FemDom Mistress and I have control (unlike some of you guys) and besides its more fun to watch and then play with my other Mistress friends later!