Sensual Humiliation Brought To You By LDW Group
2.75 per minute with a 10 minute minimum / Must Be 18+


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Well aren't you just the cutest, most pathetic little thing in the world? Let me take a look at you... A good look. I want you to show me all the itty bitty parts of you, the things you're ashamed of, the things that make you blush like a virgin. Show me your flaws and faults - confession, they say, is good for you. So come on and confess to me, tell me exactly how sad and worthless you really are.

You see, I already know this about you. I already know, just from a casual glance at you, all the things you so wish I didn't see in you. But it's all right that you're weak, that you're sad and pathetic. I accept that about you. It's ok to be weak, to be a loser, to be so small and sad and worthless that no-one in their right mind would want you. You see, I like broken things. There's a strange beauty to be found in a man who knows how pathetic he really is.

I have no qualms whatsoever about telling you all the ways in which you fail to measure up. It's important for your self growth that someone in your life is honest. You need me to be honest with you, in a kind and loving way. Compassion is important in this, because if I'm too harsh in my critique of your failings, you won't listen. And if I'm too forgiving of your failings, you won't overcome them. So honesty, kind and compassionate honesty, that's what I'm offering to you now.

No matter what failing you possess, I promise to be kind when I point it out to you. I'll tell you if your cock is too small, if your technique when you lick my pussy is lacking and I'll even let you know, in the gentlest terms possible, when you're just too pathetic to allow near my perfect body. Someone has to break the news to you, after all. And if, in the midst of my critique of your shortcomings and failures you happen to find yourself aroused, that's all right too. Come to me, tell me how you fail at being a real man, let me hear you whimper in abject humiliation.