Sensual Humiliation Brought To You By LDW Group
2.75 per minute with a 10 minute minimum / Must Be 18+


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Remember back when you first started to notice girls? It's common knowledge that, on the average, girls develop faster than boys. In fact, you may have been having very intense feelings for the girls around you, who looked more like women than you looked like a man. Those girls may have been taller than you, more confident than you, and downright intimidating.

As a young man, surrounded by beautiful tall women, you may have gotten an erection, or worse yet, had an accident if one of them even so much as smiled at you, or (gasp!) brushed against you. And of course, girls, being intuitive as they are, almost always noticed, didn't they? Didn't they usually make some kind of subtle, belittling comment to you? Well, this is how fetishes are born.

You see, our earliest sexual experiences really shape us. So if your first conversation with a girl about sex revolved around you having done something embarrassing, like losing control of your cock, you will most likely be hooked on erotic humiliation for the rest of your life.

Yes, many of you who experienced these kinds of situations have grown up to be men, who love to be humiliated in an erotic way. The right words, combined with the right inflection, falling from the lips of a beautiful woman, seem to ring your bell in a way that nothing else does. I know all about it. I was one of the girls that noticed when boys got erect, gently teasing them, giggling, pointing. Now, I am all grown up, and I still enjoy erotically humiliating men. You could even say it's kind of a hobby.

When a young woman realizes the power her beauty has over a man, it causes her ability to use that power and her confidence to skyrocket! And you know what? Women love to use that power over men. We can use it make men do just about anything. You are drawn to beautiful women, like a moth to a flame. Even though you know that humiliation and possibly rejection are around the corner every time you reach out. That, little man, is the power of the pussy.