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Sensual humiliation can be delivered in so many different ways. It can be in words, like calling a submissive a slut, a whore, or a bitch. It can be when a Mistress makes fun of his tiny penis (even if said penis is average or of adequate size, having a Mistress tell you it’s just not big enough for her can be a real ego killer!). It can be in actions, such as when she takes him over her knee and spanks his naught bottom. Continue reading Ms. Christine's Sensual Humiliation for an Emasculated Submissive.

You’re coming out of the bathroom after showering. You’re drying off as your FemDom is getting dressed in the bedroom. As you enter, she looks you and says, “You are a worthless loser.” Then she comes over and kisses you and walks out the door to go… where? You don’t know because she doesn’t think it’s necessary to tell you. Does this kind of scene make your cock throb? If so, you might be into sensual humiliation. Still curious? Intrigued but not quite sure if sensual humiliation is for you? Read more about sensual humiliation.

We all know what humiliation is. Even if we can’t rattle off a textbook definition, we all have memories of humiliating experiences. There are actually two different kinds of sexual humiliation. There is hardcore, which as the name suggests, involves interactions that cause intense feelings of embarrassment and other emotions along with Then there is sensual humiliation. This is the lighter side of sexual humiliation. Read more about the various types of sensual humiliation.

Young women, who love to dress up, go to clubs, even some of the strippers buy their high heels there and the best thing is that it is almost all men working there! They sell men’s sandals too, so in the summer a lot of you guys who wish you could have us, come in and hang out there. You pretend you are looking for sandals to wear on those family vacations you don’t want to go on, but we know what you are really doing. Why else would we sit there in our short skirts crossing and uncrossing our legs so many times, if not for the tease factor? Read all about Cocktease Humiliation.

Here’s a good reason for all you girls to never fall in love long distance. You run the risk of falling for a man with a teeny tiny cock. Believe me. I should know. Once, after having a hot long distance thing with this guy, I started dating him, or I planned to start. After I met him, and we got naked, I was - well lets just say - disappointed. Sick of waiting for it grow or for him to figure out that his fingers would be better than that teeny weeny, I slipped out of bed, giggled again, and... Read more about my sensual small penis humliation adventure.

Sometimes a sissy just doesn’t know they are a sissy, or they know but they just can’t face it quite yet and I have to step in and show them their true nature. This happened one night, with a friend of mine, we’ll call him Steve. Read more about showing a sissy his true nature through humiliation.

Tonight, I left my husband at home and joined my girlfriends for a “girl’s night out.” I could tell he wasn’t happy, but what was he going to say? We had been married several years and been lovers (if you want to call fucking for five minutes with little foreplay being lovers) for a couple of years before that while we were in college. My husband never took my breath away. I thought it would be all right, because security means more than love and sexual attraction. Now, almost a decade later, I see how wrong I was. Read more about the sensual domination of cuckolding.

Because I knew that he enjoyed being dressed up as a maid in front of my friends even though he said he hated it, I decided to try something else. Without his knowledge I make some calls and arrange a special night for my slave. This is a night he won’t soon forget. I make sure that we have time to do his hair and makeup. I know his sizes and measurements by heart so I order him a spectacular outfit for the evening. It was a silver lame’ mini dress with silver heels. Add to that a pair of nude tights and a beautiful wig and you have a gorgeous outfit that looked great on him. He couldn’t believe his eyes when he looked in my full length mirror. I’ll never forget the smile on his face. He was ready for the party and what I had planned for him. I had a special guest invited just for him that night. Yes, I made him get on his knees and suck that guy’s cock. Read all about it in Suck Cock for Me.

I never knew that I liked being ignored until my wife started ignoring me. Now I love it, but I’m not going to tell her that I love it. She thinks she’s punishing me for being a “cheating ass loser”, but really it makes me so hot when she treats me like I’m not even there! Continue reading It Turns Me on When My Wife Ignores Me!

I didn’t ask to be a cuckold. I didn’t know I even was a cuckold until recently. Now I don’t know what to do. I feel so humiliated. Continue reading Humiliated into being a Cuckold.

I love to be humiliated. Any kind of humiliation will do. I love to be laughed at and ignored. I have a Mistress that that does both. Read more about why I Love Being Humiliated and Ignored.

Generally, a good Humiliatrix doesn't just seize upon the first thing she can find and make fun of the submissive about it. A really fulfilling humiliation session actually requires a good bit of forethought. The more perceptive the Humiliatrix is, the more effective she will be. Continue reading What is a Humiliatrix.

Brandon was sitting nervously at a table at Le Crux, an urban upscale bar. It was five to nine, and he was both tense and excited. He was to meet Linda, or Mistress Linda as he would later learn to address her. Continue reading Restaurant Humiliation.

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Everyone has an addiction. We all find that our desires sometimes get the better of us and we can’t control ourselves. This is when we need someone to help us with this control. I like to think of myself in these terms, as an addict. A humiliation addict. Continue reading Humiliation: My Drug of Choice.

I am the slave of a mean Mistress, and, well, I love it. That, I do not mind admitting out loud anymore. For the longest time, it was rather humiliating. You can call it erotic humiliation if you wish, but either way, humiliation is humiliation. Continue reading CFNM Humiliation Pet.

He had been searching the depths of internet fetish sites, so desperate that he was willing to let his money do the talking when finding the perfect humiliation Mistress. His desires were "unacceptable" by societal standards. Continue reading A Soldier's Story: Humiliation Phone Sex.

A question that we phone sex Femdoms often hear is "Is my penis too small, Mistress?" The men who ask this question usually expect a simple answer, but the truth is, there's rarely a simple answer. Continue reading Is My Penis too Small?

A very common question among men who are just discovering their interest in erotic humiliation is "Is there something wrong with me for liking to be humiliated by a Mistress?" The answer, of course, is a very emphatic NO!. Continue reading I Love Humiliation, is that Okay?.

So I got undressed, and she threw something in front of me. At first, all I saw was a pink blur, but I looked down and realized it was a pair of panties. Panties! Continue reading Straight Guy Sissified.

I gave up my hopes and dreams for this man. Because I loved him. Because I honored and cherished him. Because I wanted to make him happy. Then, not so long ago, I found out the ginger-headed motherfucker was cheating on me! That's when I came up with a plan to humiliate his cheating ass! Read all about it in Wife Arranges Public Humiliation for Cheating Husband.

We were going to go in there for thiry minutes and see if any one hit on him. He tried to talk me out of it, but Mistress always wins, after all. Luckily, I had him practicing a more feminine way of speaking while dressed, and he had it down pretty well, I thought. Well enough to fool a few drunks, I hoped. We grabbed our purses and walked in. Continue reading Crossdresser's Public Humiliation.

I had been seeing my Mistress for years; in fact, I thought of her as my best friend. The keeper of my most intimate secrets. I told her all the things that I kept hidden. Then one day she asked me, quite unexpectedly, if I had ever wanted to suck a cock. I usually didn’t lie to her, but I just could not bring myself to tell her about that need. I didn’t see myself as gay and didn’t want her to see me that way or ask me a million questions about why I thought I felt this way. I didn’t know why and didn’t want to discuss it, though she gave me no choice. Read more about my experience in sensual coached bi.

"Stroke for me," Mistress Brooke said. I stood in the back door, jerking off furiously for my phone Mistress. It was incredibly arousing to be masturbating in full view of anyone who might see me... Continue reading Phone Humiliation Spills Over into Real Life.