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Cock tease and Humiliation

I love the mall, don’t you? It’s one of my favorite places to have fun and honestly it is a great place to be a cock tease! There is a plethora of men who are just aching to have a hot woman pay attention to them. So, teasing cocks there is like shooting fish in a barrel, they are everywhere and desperate for a teasing woman to get them excited. Of course, some of them are more fun than others and humiliation in front of people, especially my giggling friends, makes it even better. So where is my favorite place to tease? The shoe store!

Shoe Stores are Sexy

Just the other day my girlfriends and I were at the mall and there is one store that caters almost totally to sexy heels worn by gorgeous women. Young women, who love to dress up, go to clubs, even some of the strippers buy their high there and the best thing is that it is almost all men working there! They sell men’s sandals too, so in the summer a lot of you guys who wish you could have us, come in and hang out there. You pretend you are looking for sandals to wear on those family vacations you don’t want to go on, but we know what you are really doing. Why else would we sit there in our short skirts crossing and uncrossing our legs, dangling a shoe off our foot so many times, if not for the tease factor?

Can You Help Me Tease You?

So, the other day, we went in and the store was pretty busy, mostly women and a few men who were checking us out. I sat down close to one who I could see was there only for the sites and not really for the sandals. He smiled at me and of course, I smiled back and even gave him a little wink. This got him going right away and I knew I was going to have fun! Leaning over to him, I whispered, “Can you help me?” He looked shocked, but in a happy way and nodded quickly, even before I’d explained to him what I wanted.

Motioning to my friends to pay attention I told him I needed help choosing shoes, then stood up in the very high platform heels I’d strapped on and walked in front of him, moving my hips seductively. Knowing everyone was watching now and especially him, I sat back down and crossed my legs, skirt sliding high up my thigh. Leaning close I asked him what he thought of the shoes, indicating that I just couldn’t trust my girlfriends to tell me the truth. As I did, I let my fingers linger first on his knee and then move up a bit the tips, brushing his crotch and feeling his cock already getting hard there in the store.

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Secret Touching Public Announcement

He jumped a little in surprise, but didn’t try to move away, mumbling something about them looking really good. Then I decided to really turn him on and bent forward, my hair brushing his lap as I reached for the buckle on the side of the shoes I was modeling. I knew when he looked down he’d see my hair on his lap and think of my soft lips on his cock, getting him even more excited. Slowly I sat up and smiled, kicking the shoe of and sighing. “Can you help me with the other one?” He hesitated only long enough for me to swivel in my seat and put my feet into his lap, my bare toes rubbing against his crotch. I knew he could see almost up my skirt and that this about to end.

Just as he started to tremble a bit with need, I rubbed my foot faster against his cock, getting him to the edge. Then I spun around and stood up, loudly announcing to my friends that the guy helping me had a serious hard on! I heard him gasp while we giggled and everyone turned to stare. The humiliation and cock teasing pushed him almost over the edge with excitement. “Oh he likes it.” One of the other women said laughing and his groan gave me something else to point out. You know you love a good cock tease, even if it ends in humiliation, after all, it was still one of the more exciting times you’ve had hanging out at the mall and checking out women. Not everyone gets the attention of a cock tease, so consider yourself lucky.