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A Soldier's Story: Humiliation Phone Sex

We had been planning his homecoming for months, bantering back and forth online while he was stationed in Afghanistan. He was, for all intents and purposes, a “man’s man”; The All-American soldier, primary ‘bread winner’, car enthusiast, football lover, and believed in fighting for all he loved. He was full of pride, yet with the bat of my eyelashes would become submissive toy. Of course, no one ever knew this of us, as we kept our life very private from the world; our own personal dirty secret.

I had long awaited and searched for the one who would truly submit to me, my will, and all of my erotic desires in their kinky entirety. I mean, I suppose you could call me a natural Dominant. Perhaps, I had been destined to become a strict Mistress... . After all, I had spent years relishing in humiliating various boyfriends. I craved someone who would not just submit to my ideas of erotic humiliation, but someone who would crave it secretly. I was in desperate need of an outlet for my sometimes intense humiliation scenarios and for my occasional Sadistic needs. I could not deny that I had become a humiliatrix.

He had been searching the depths of internet fetish sites, so desperate that he was willing to let his money do the talking when finding the perfect humiliation Mistress. His desires were "unacceptable" by societal standards. If others beyond his Mistress had known of the things he did secretly behind locked doors and closed blinds, their opinion of him would have plummeted immediately. He craved a strict mistress for a lifetime of erotic humiliation and micromanagement. He could not deny that he wanted to become a humiliation slave.

The Perfect Humiliation Slave For The Perfect Humiliatrix

It must have been some great cosmic alignment in the universe that finally brought us together. We were the perfect pair. He wasn’t like the other “slaves” I had before him; he was genuine. He relished in every bit of the humiliation I could dish out and begged for more. He couldn’t get enough, which only drove my desires harder and into darker and darker places.

We had started off just chatting casually, but as things got more and more serious and, of course, as his sexual frustrations started to build, things started to get more and more heated on the phone. It got to the point where he started sneaking around while all of his fellow soldiers slept around him to talk to me. This made things particularly fun for me since I knew exactly how easy it would be to have humiliation phone sex with him, right there where he sat. I would sit for hours teasing him then, denying him the much sought-after orgasm.

It was audible through just his voice when we talked. I could always tell the exact moment that I had put him into a headspace where I could humiliate him and push him further. I would whisper naughty, kinky things into his ear while he held his breath, trying so hard to not stroke himself in the same room as his sleeping comrades. This was only the beginning of our adventures in phone humiliation.

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True Humiliation Takes Place In The Mind

He was slowly, but surely transforming into my own personal humiliation slave and sissy boy. I could hear the embarrassment through the tone of his voice as I would whisper of potential scenarios when he got home. I would tell him how I planned on slipping panties and a bra into his pocket and whispering for him to put them on under his uniform before we ever left the airport. I was excited to see the look on his face as he stepped out, still clad in his rugged uniform and a faux smirk of military pride.

I am not entirely sure that he knew exactly what he was getting into with a humiliation Mistress, such as myself. Perhaps, during his flight home, he had forgotten all of the stories I whispered into his ear of humiliation and punishment for misbehavior! Maybe, just maybe, he had thought it was all a ruse and some elaborate roleplay via phone.

This is just the beginning of our story together. In fact, the juiciest parts of the story happen once he finally landed and walked up to me in the terminal. This is when he would come to find out that he had truly landed his dream strict Mistress and his darkest nightmare all at once. Phone humiliation would seem so mild compared to the erotic humiliation that he would be subjected to over and over again.