Sensual Humiliation Brought To You By LDW Group
2.75 per minute with a 10 minute minimum / Must Be 18+


Toll Free Number: 800-730-3410

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Words are very powerful aren't they? Especially when wielded by a beautiful woman with subtlety & poise. I know why you're here. You've been sensually taunted and teased by a beautiful woman at some point and now it turns you on. How cute! Now you crave those words that are oh so derisively sweet and insidiously humiliating. You seek out the kinds of phrases that echo in your mind and somehow hunt you down and render you helpless long after they?ve been said. No you aren't mistaken I did say hunt. I'm a verbal ninja with an angel's voice. You'll be lulled in by its seemingly sweet tone and then before you know it I'll be cutting you down to size bruising you where it counts; your ego of course ;).

So what inadequacy can I exploit? Did you get spanked with the short dick stick? That's definitely a favorite of Mine to tease men about. I'll enjoy feeling you squirm in your seat while I intuitively find your emotional Achilles Heel. It will be as if I've stripped you naked and bare in front of Me while we're talking. The wonderfully devilish thing is you won't realize what is happening until it's too late. You'll give away your secrets without even realizing it. I'll start teasing you and you'll feel the blush of embarrassment heat your face and your cock will harden. The sweetness will intoxicate you and the subtlety will sting you. It will be a sweet humiliating sting that you'll want again and again.